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Welcome to the Jazz Network 24/7 or more commonly known as the JazzNet247 website.

Following the closure of STREETJAZZ and our other 9 BONUS Radio Channels after 27 years of broadcasting this website continues with some of the data based features which were included on the radio website.

Jazz fans, don't worry you can still listen to the LATEST SMOOTH, VOCAL, LATIN, BRAZILIAN, FUSION and CONTEMPORARY JAZZ RELEASES in our BRAND NEW Auditorium Feature. Licensing via LIVE365.

Our project also supports the 4 Land's Region of Central Europe of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein and we showcase the beautiful Lakes and Mountains on our website page banners (Tip: Press F5 on a PC , or Cmd & R on a Mac on your keyboard to view other top banner images) and on our Gallery Page. Visit the 4 Land's Region section to learn more about some of the Must See Areas in our region.

The Menu on the left side of the page has links to our current Features with more in development, and also to our FaceBook Blog Page and Contact Us.

We invite you to a BRAND NEW SERIES called The Bossa Nova Story where I try to piece together the Beginnings of the wonderful Brazilian rhythms.

Learn more about jazz topics in my PERSONAL NOTES section where I share thoughts on many different subjects which artists and jazz fans might find insightful and interesting.

Working with so many Record Companies, Servicing Agents and the Artists over the years some of you may have questions that I can still answer. My 62 years in the entertainment's business in many areas and 31 years in radio broadcasting may offer some experience which can still be of some use. Please feel free to Contact Me anytime if you think I could help you.

It was a huge decision to stop broadcasting but the cost per month and the 30 hours per week for show prep proved to be an ongoing problem due to my personal circumstances of being a carer to my wife and now a retired person with limited source of income.

Best wishes and thank you to all our old radio show listeners and to our many music friends for the future.

Wes George