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  About Our StreetJazz Show  
Our marquee show STREETJAZZ was the first channel to air on JazzNet247 Radio Europe and featured the lesser known indie artists as well as the better known artists.
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JazzNet247 Radio Europe was the broadcasting arm of our popular EuroClubdeJazz project which I operated in association with my client Sony Jazz UK.

StreetJazz started out airing monthly for a number of years and when I closed the EuroClubdeJazz project due to lack of time it became a weekly show and remained so until our close of the broadcasting element on the 30th September 2021.

The channel offered an alternative menu of Smooth, Vocal and Brazilian Jazz each week and was available legally via LIVE365, on Amazon Alexa, Deezer,, Streema, Zeno, HearThis.At, ReverbNation, Tune In and via our own website pages.

Our Show contributed to the weekly Groove Jazz Chart, The Billboard Chart and the Top 100 Chart.

Some years ago I added another marquee channel called Up Close & Personal which featured Smooth, Vocal, Latin, Soul, Funk and Fusion Jazz tracks from the past 5 decades, this proved to be very popular as many of our global listeners in 114 countries could relive familiar songs from yesteryear and like our slogan suggested, they could also ' DISCOVER NEW MUSIC TODAY '.

Having amassed tens of thousands of albums during my lifetime in entertaining it would have been a great shame if I hadn't shared them with others.

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  About Our StreetJazz Show  

In addition to StreetJazz and Up Close & Personal we had other Bonus Channels including :-

Connoisseur Jazz
( playing Mainstream & Contemporary Jazz )

Dreams Of Rio
( playing Brazilian Bossa Jazz )

Club Trax
( playing Club Athems from the 70's & 80's )

Time Out
( shows presented by the Artists themselves )

The Christmas Channel
( playing Holiday Season tracks in December )

We were delighted to have daily listeners from all over the world, some of which tuned in for up to 16 hours per day to our shows which were programmed to be different daily from more than 500 two hour shows in our Vaults on LIVE365.

During our 27 years On Air we had listeners tuning in from 114 countries on 5 continents.

Some Statistic as we drew to a close :-
27 Years as an Indepenedent Radio Station
421,120 Hours of Show Preparation
1,582 Total Shows | 960 StreetJazz Shows
236,520 Hours of Broadcasting legally
$127,200.00 of Personal Costs without Sponsors
28 Servicing Agents / Record Companies
10,000’s of Artists contributing their Music
1 Personnel
$0 Income

I hope to have given something back to the music industry and to have helped todays' artists a little.

Wes George

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