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About the JazzNet247 Radio Europe Project

The JazzNet247 (Jazz Network available 24/7) Project is a not-for-profit jazz project which has been helping the jazz genre and the musicians since 1994 and is one of the longest running internet radio shows. Unlike commercial radio stations who play the music to make a financial gain, therefor playing it safe with the most popular artists, we are not restricted like they are and we genuinely play 'the best of the latest releases' and tracks which MAY BE NEW TO YOU from the past 8 decades.

We are not the biggest but hopefully one of the 'brightest' non commercial stations and we have listener base in 114 countries (08|2021) and we are currently the No.1 Jazz Station on our national jazz charts. We especially showcase the music of the indie artists and labels whose music doesn't always get the recognition that it deserves.

Our StreetJazz show offers an alternative menu of Smooth, Vocal and Brazilian Jazz each week and is available via LIVE365, on Amazon Alexa, Deezer,, Streema and Our Show contributes to the weekly Top 100 Chart.

In our opinion broadcasting music is all about touching the emotions of the listener in such a way that they want to crossover from 'hearing a song' to actually 'listening to it' and touching their inner self. If we can touch the soul of just one listener with a song then we have passed on a gift that is so rare in this lifetime.

JazzNet247 Radio Europe has 'no commercial funding and is self funded for the benefit of others'. HOWEVER YOU can help us and the jazz genre by passing on the link to our shows to your like-minded jazz friends, perhaps they will enjoy our menu each week and also pass on the message to their friends.

By ' working together as a whole ' we can do so much for the jazz genre and the artists who continue to record music for our listening pleasure. 'The sum of the whole is always greater than those of the individual parts'.

We have now 8 JAZZ CHANNELS on JAZZNET247 RADIO EUROPE with something for most jazz fans to explore, view the menu of shows on our HOME PAGE.

Visit my PERSONAL NOTES each week with an update of the Shows and Articles about what is happening on the station.

Read Classic Jazz Album Reviews from the legends of jazz on our MUSIC REVIEWS section.

We hope that you can share the feeling for the music with which all of the JazzNet247 shows are produced - with passion. - Wes George

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About the StreetJazz Host - Wes George
Our host and producer Wes George has spent his lifetime in the entertainment's industry all over the world especially in the jazz genre. He is also a musician and has worked in many aspects of the music business including :-  
wes george
as a musician, dj, radio presenter, sound engineer, nightclub manager, music shop owner, multimedia designer, marketing and PR manager and also reviewing jazz albums for Sony Jazz, Jazz In Europe, All That Jazz, The EuroClubdeJazz and The Sounds Of Brazil. Wes manages the radio station in all aspects from Research, Marketing & PR, Production, Multimedia, Presenting and Communications.

He was the webmaster and carried out online marketing for 6 years for the major label
Sony Jazz in London, UK which had surely the greatest roster of artists in the history of jazz music. (Columbia, CBS, Legacy, Epic, CTI and the Sony Jazz labels). He was also a corporate marketing, training and PR executive.

He has an excellent knowledge of other genres including mainstream jazz, bossa nova, soul, funk and Latin American. He has more than 50 years experience behind him and looks forward to the future and helping the genre and the artists for years to come, health prevailing. Wes enjoys listening to mainstream jazz on vinyl, golf, aviation, cross country skiing, cycling and Nordic Walking. He's also a full time carer for his disabled wife and hosts a charity website for SPICE in Sri Lanka for the further education of children in this country.

Wes won a prestigious USA National Marketing Award in 2000 through his marketing and multimedia company AGMAMI for his innovative Enhanced CDs design, initially he helped a Colorado pianist sell 5,000 ECDs to one client as opposed to his usual sales pattern of 500 CDs to 500 customers. The end user could view a multimedia marketing presentation on their computer and then listen to 12 tracks from the same CD on their audio player at home or in the car. The musician went on to sell thousands of his albums to other clients.

If you have enjoyed the shows, please pass on the link to your friends or write us a note on our Blog Pages at our current Facebook Page via

Our STREETJAZZ shows take more than 30 hours each week to research, produce and promote and are enjoyed weekly by listeners in more than 114 countries worldwide and expanding. View our Current Listening Countries

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