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Auditorium - Discover New Music Today

In this section we feature some of the LATEST Smooth, Vocal, Brazilian, Latin and Contemporary Jazz tracks for you to discover. Licensing via LIVE365.
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Press the PLAY button opposite to hear current selection.

Other Listening Options -
* Tune In @ Using The LIVE365 Player
* Tune In @ Using LIVE365 Player in Auditorium

Selected Tracks will be added in the order that they are received and will remain in rotation for 1 calendar month.

Appropriate tracks featured in the Auditorium get reported on a Sunday to the Smooth Jazz Charts.

If you would like YOUR NEW TRACK considered for inclusion in the Auditorium, please CONTACT US @

Note to the Artists
If you would like to introduce your track in the Auditorium platform, please record the Voice Over ONLY Liner below and submit it to our email address @

* Hi this is (Artist’s Name) from (Your Town or City), (Your State or Country) and you can listen to my new track ( or CD title ) on JAZZNET247 and you can download it directly from ( say online companies such as AMAZON, iTUNES, SPOTIFY etc etc )

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