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Chart Reporting

StreetJazz - Year 26 - STREETJAZZ SHOW 914

These are the songs which we have submitted this week to the SMOOTH JAZZ CHARTS which are available from The Groove Jazz Charts and SmoothJazz.com. See Nielsen's Going For Adds This Week

Note : The songs are in no particular rank order
Rob Zinn
Take That
Pamela Williams
Coast To Coast
Robert Harris
New Day
Will Donato
The High Road
Jarrod Lawson
Be The Change
Dave Koz
Side By Side
Sam Sims
"Q" Reficio
Vincent Ingala
Maybe You Think
Main Gazane
Andy Snitzer
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Other Recommended Plays From This Show
Bobby Caldwell
Perfect Island Nights
Act Of Fath
If You Believe
Mint Condition
Bob Baldwin
All Over You
Stanley Clarke
Heaven Sent You
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