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Featured Artists - Ghost Jazz Trio
The Ghost Jazz Trio are based in San Diego, CA featuring founder / guitarist / composer and producer James Morgan. James is joined by renowned bassist Nathan Brown and drummer Jack Nathan on the latest 2021 album release entitled ‘On The Level'.

James Morgan grew up in northern California and as a teen in the 1970's started listening to Return To Forever and John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra inspiring him to take up playing the guitar.

In the late seventies James was fortunate enough to take guitar lessons from Bill Connors of Return To Forever fame. He lived in Santa Cruz, CA and drove to Half Moon Bay weekly to take lessons whereby he formed a close friendship with Bill. James went on to become a bandleader throughout the following years writing his own compositions whilst forming various Jazz Fusion bands along the way. He was a co-leader of a band called 'Absolute Black' which toured as an opening act for the singer Mickey Thomas and his band Starship, known for the songs 'We Built This City' and 'Sara'.

James went on to form a guitar driven Jazz Fusion power trio whilst living and performing in the San Francisco area called 'The Cage' and recorded the album of the same name. He later moved to the San Diego area where he started a Jazz Fusion band called 'Dialog Project' which formed in 2010 performing in local venues. He recorded the first Dialog Project album 'Listen Up' and the band was an opening act for one of his influences in the Jazz Fusion world, Allan Holdsworth in 2013 at a San Diego venue 'Brick by Brick' and later, Stu Hamm at the' Ramona Main Stage' in San Diego. Dialog Project was nominated for 'Best Jazz' in 2013 by the SDMA

In 2016 James recorded his second Dialog Project album 'The Artistry of Jazz Fusion' and did the California Fairs circuit to promote the album.

More recently he decided he wanted to start writing music that evokes 'emotion and imagery' and created a new genre of music called 'Ambient Jazz'. This new timbre of music is outside of the 'Straight Ahead Jazz' idiom or the predominantly sax driven 'Smooth Jazz' sub-genre sounds of today. He is focused on promoting a 'guitar driven ensemble sound' that is both 'relaxing and interesting'.

James formed the dynamic, and mysteriously named Ghost Jazz Trio, in 2017. Their 2020 debut album entitled 'Invisible Time', featuring Arron Seener on bass and Jack Nathan on drums, was a complex and synergetic production that achieved critical acclaim and outstanding success in a short period of time, culminating in being nominated for 'Best Jazz Album Of The Year' by the 2021 San Diego Music Awards. The album was featured on more than 150 radio station playlists worldwide and climbed to the Top 100 in their Smooth Jazz Global Radio Charts.

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Featured Artists - Ghost Jazz Trio

The new 2021 album release ' On The Level' is an eclectic and spirited journey including elements of vibrant R&B, Smooth Jazz, Funk and Jazz Swing with some complex and intricate jazz arrangements which will demand attention, peak your imagination and raise the awareness of this talented and innovative Southern Californian trio.

All of the compositions on the new album were written and arranged by James Morgan.

A notable featured artist on the latest album is fellow San Diego guitarist Patrick Yandall who has recorded more than 20 albums to date, he has had chart topping singles as a solo artist and has won numerous music awards during his career to date. Other guest artists appearing on the new album include :-  Chase Pado on keyboards, Raymond Di Giorgio on guitar and Ian Buss on sax.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in July 2021 by Grammy award winning sound engineer and producer Alan Sanderson of Pacific Beat Recording Studio in San Diego, CA USA and is available to purchase at Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

The Ghost Jazz Trio's track 'Funk You Up' is featured on

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