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Interview with our host Wes George for
Jazz World - Part 2/3

Our host and producer Wes George has spent his lifetime in the entertainment's industry all over the world especially in the jazz genre. Here he's talking to
Jazz World about the JazzNet247 project.
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JW - You have launched some new Show Players for the STREETJAZZ Show on JazzNet247, what are their purpose ?

WG - I was always mindful that our shows are produced using Adobe's Flash programme, this was because of the flexibility of the software, my ability to use it and also the fact that it protected the artists' music as you couldn't download the files from it.

However I was also aware that many people use Apple products, particularly the artists, and Flash doesn't come pre-loaded on Apple devices ( due to some previous conflict between Apple and Macromedia, now Adobe ), and you needed to download an App Browser that plays Flash, like
Puffin, FlashFox or Photon to open the Flash Player Plugin.

With this in mind I developed an
HTML 5 Player that will play on normal and Apple devices as an alternative and use that as the main player now. It seems to work on all the devices and browsers that I have managed to test it on which is quite a few.

Being a Marketer by profession I was also aware that the internet is a global entitiy and that many of the listeners do not understand conversational English and they may be put off by the English language commentary, so I developed a
MUSIC ONLY version of the show and the end user has to option just to play the tracks that are being featured on that show in HTML 5 via www.jazznet247.net/index_nodj.htm

The previous shows are also linked so there is a continuum from the current show to previous shows called

Another option that we have recently introduced is
our Contemporary / Mainstream Jazz Show called CONNOISSUER JAZZ playing the latest and greatest jazz songs from today and yesteryear and DREAMS OF RIO playing Brazilian Bossa.

Play our CONNOISSEUR JAZZ Mainstream Jazz Show
Play our DREAMS OF RIO Brazilian Bossa Jazz Show

- How do you choose the songs that will make your STREETJAZZ playlist each week ?

WG - As we try and market the show from a slightly different angle we are able to feature songs from the past 8 decades from our STREETJAZZ VAULTS so at least half of the songs will be choosen in advance of the new GROOVE JAZZ CHARTS and THE BILLBOARD SMOOTH JAZZ CHARTS coming out with the latest releases and chart climbers which we feature.

We usuallly select between 8 and 10 new songs each week and they are mainly Debutees or New Releases. Both those charts vary each week so we have some new artists featured from both charts.

show is actually structured so that there is a mix of instrumentals and vocals and that the same instrument doesn't follow on from the last one. There are so many sax players releasing new songs these days, if we played two in a row the listener might not recognise the end of one and the start of a new one.

We try to use JINGLES to separate songs just to let the listener know that a new song is starting, but nowadays we often mix tracks between in the sets of 4, but they are featuring different instruments so there should be some sepatation and little confusion.

We try to have a balance between old and new and vocals and instrumentals to keep the Playlist as balanced as possible.

JW - How do you receive songs to feature on the STREETJAZZ playlist each week.

WG - We've been very fortunate to have been receiving songs from the major record labels for many years and also from the popular servicing agents from all around the world. They seem to have found us through our Blog Pages over the years and we thank all of them for their ongoing support. ( link to Submit Your Music )

The artists themselves usually send us their latest songs and albums to feature on the show and we have built up a strong rapport with thousands of them during the past 25 years and we are always delighted to support their music.

Occassionally we don't receive a song which we would like to feature and with that scenario we usually buy a copy from iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon.

JW - Can the artists support their music on the station ?

WG - Yes indeed, we encourage them to record liners for us to support their music and themselves. ( link to liners )

We use their liners to introduce sections to our various sets, to introduce their songs and also for Station and Presenter IDs throughout the show.

The interesting thing about the liners is that they may appear on weeks when their music does not, therefore raising the awareness of themselves more frequently.

JW - We see that listeners can now tune in to JAZZNET247 RADIO EUROPE using the AMAZON ALEXA App, how does that work ?

WG - Our host broadcaster has just launched this feature so that AMAZON ALEXA users can request to listen to LIVE365 and then choose the station that they wish to listen to. This has opened up a new dimension for us as the flexibility of voice activated devices is growing steadily and Amazon have sold millions of ALEXA devices and continue to do so worldwide.

Learn more about LIVE365 and the AMAZON ALEXA App

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Interview with our host Wes George for Jazz World

JW - What is your Artist A to Z all about ?

WG - This directory is updated weekly and was introduced around STREETJAZZ SHOW No. 843. It allows visitors and artists the opportunity to glean what type of artists appear on our shows. The standard of performer is very high and the number of slots available for newcomers is limited so it is sometimes quite difficult for a new artist to break through and be heard on the show.

However we specialise in showcasing the Independent Artists and air many artists and songs that other radio stations may not. As we are not a commercial radio station and dependent upon revenue streams to keep us going we can be more flexible with the artists who we select for the shows.

Therefor more and more Indie Artists are approaching us and giving us the opportunity to hear many great songs that may not cross our desk on a day to day basis from the record labels and servicing agents.

JW - Who are the associate companies that you work with ?

WG - We are fortunate to be working with some really helpful associate companies who help us produce our show.

Rocio Guitard in San Francisco is a vocalist who also has also a Voice Over business and she recorded many jingles for the show.

The J
ingles Factory in Milan, Italy are the company we use to produce our main JINGLES with music add ons.

The software that we use to mix the show each week was written by
Gabriel Fernandez in Paraquay in South America.

SEO company is based in Los Angeles and they help to get us registered and placed on the main serach engines.

Our main
Servicing Agent also works with Innervisions Records and The Groove Jazz Charts and we thank Adam Leibovitz and Seth Keller for their ongoing support.

I design, write and produce all of the code for the website and use software such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Jet Audio, Soundforge and the Microsoft Office Suite to produce the shows each week. The studio recording software is of a decent quality but cannot compare to a professional radio station.

I am happy with the presentation of the shows at the moment, but it does take an enormous amount of time each week.

JW - Do you have time for any hobbies or other interests else in your busy life ?

WG - I do have a busy week, but apart from caring full time for my disabled wife and producing the radio show each week I am working on my BUCKET LIST. I closed my Marketing and Multimedia business in 2017 and started to try the things that I didn't have much time for during my working life such as playing golf again, I try to get out 3 mornings a week to the practice field and maybe 9 holes. My ambition is to try and get back to my 5 handicap level of some 30 years ago. Not too far away just now but a little way to go.

Although I have played the guitar since I was 5, I never learned to play the keyboard until now so I have a really nice Roland BK-5 which doubles up as a backing keyboard and also allows me to learn piano and keyboard. Again it is a work in progress, but I am enjoying it immensely.

I used to fly gliders in Canada in the 70's and 80's and even had lessons in a single engine aircraft. My intension was always to try and learn properly one day, but going up in the air nowadays isn't an option with my wife depending on me, but I have been studying and practicing on a simulator for the past two years and getting pretty good at flying albeit I never leave the ground ;>) My knowledge base is also growing.

I have also had to time to dust off my vinyl jazz record collection and listen to jazz albums that I haven't heard in years, this is wonderful on a winter's day and reading all the old liner notes and looking at the old covers and nostalgia.

Sometimes I do get a chance to read and I have many many jazz books and videos, particularly THE KEN BURNS DVD COLLECTION about THE HISTORY OF JAZZ. I bought the book that accompanied the series and read it often whilst listening to the old Miles, Coltrane, Bird, Lady Day, Dizzy and Dave Brubeck albums.

A company called
DeAgostini released a series recently and I bought 80 of the albums in that collection which had accompanying booklets which portrayed the artists, they also had wonderful photo archives and insightful stories as to how the albums came about. I can highly recommend this series to anyone even though a half dozen of the albums didn't really appeal to me with Free, Avant Garde and Fusion Jazz. Some of it was quite hard to listen to even though I am quite open minded about Jazz.

JW - Are you going to air a
CHRISTMAS CHANNEL this year again ?

WG - Yes indeed, we have been broadcasting a
CHRISTMAS CHANNEL now each December for more than 20 years now and featuring all the great festive songs, both old and new from the world of Smooth, Vocal and Brazilian Jazz.

The show will air from November 27th to the 26th December and we are accepting festive songs from the artists and servicing agents from September onwards. We usually feature about 48 songs on the show.

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