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About the Reviewer - Sheila E Ross

As a smooth jazz journalist, I sincerely support the smooth jazz genre, as I adore the sound and recognize the diligence and hard work artists and musicians place into their craft.

  sheila e ross

As an educator, I enjoy working with youth as an English teacher of eight years and see daily the strong embrace students have for music as well.

For this reason, I expose them further to the artistry.  Some students share sincere interests in musical careers so we dive deeper into the life and times of both current and late artists. Like literature, music is personal and shared from the human condition, so there is much to acquire.

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Jazz Reviews on JazzNet247 Radio Europe

Artist : Marion Meadows

Venue : Suite Series

Year : 2018

Label : Shanachie

marion meadows

Personnel : Marion Meadows : Saxophone | Latrese Bush: Vocals | Chris Harris : Guitar | Aaron Clay : Bass | Rodney Edge : Keyboards | Stix Newsome : Drums

After an enthusiastic introduction by JazzBeat Promoter, “Doc” Robinson, the legendary, popular and unique smooth-jazz stylist saxophonist, Mr. Marion Meadows steps up onto the royalty-lit stage to join the Suite Series band at Atlanta’s popular smooth jazz venue, The Suite Food Lounge where dinner and a show is an ever-growing popular evening concept in the ATL!

The band begins to play “Marcosinho,” from Meadow’s 2013 ‘Whisper’ album.  Meadows first feels the flavor of the music, striding about ever so slightly in anticipation with his soprano sax in hand, and styled in a pure white formal jacket and sporty jeans.

Once completed, he greets the thrilled crowd with a bit of trivia, sharing the fact that his first time performance in the ATL included The Variety Theater where he played with the great George Howard for the first time ever! He flatters The Suite Lounge audience with, “You all love your music here, and you don’t play around”. His brand new CD, released February 16, entitled ‘Soul City’ (which features Grammy Award Winner, Norman Brown, Joey “Papa Joe” Summerville, Peter White, Maysa, Dana Lauren, and Atlanta’s own Peabo Bryson and Latrese Bush to name a few) follows 2015 ‘Soul Traveller’ which follows, the 2013 ‘Whisper,’ album, A TRILOGY designed with a common thread, a Call To:  HEAL HUMANITY.

His second performance, entitled “Tales of A Gypsy” returns us back to his 2002 glistening days of ‘In Deep.’ Mr. Chris “Show-Out” Harris on lead guitar and Aaron Clay on bass guitar initiates the tune followed by Rodney Edge on keys and Louis “Stix” Newsome on drums.  The five all collaborate beautifully as Meadows plays his tenor sax.

What a soulful evening treat this turns out to be as Meadows plays, in his own opinion, some of his greatest hits:  “Treasures” from his ‘In Deep’ album, “Suede” from his 2004 ‘Player’s Club’ album. “Humanity” from his 2015 ‘Soul Traveller’album, “Dressed to Chill,” title track from his 2006 ‘Dressed to Chill’ album. “NO Rhyme No Reason” from his 2002 ‘Next to You’ album. Last, but not least “Last Call” from his 1999 ‘Another Side of Midnight’….ALL CLASSIC HITS! WHAT AN EVENING THIS WAS!

The BIGGEST WONDER of the evening HAILS when Atlanta’s own Ms. Latrese Bush surprisingly joins Meadows on stage and blows magnificently Angela Bofill’s 1979 hit, “People Make the World Go Round.” The impeccable Bush who superbly sings “Merry Go Round” on Meadow’s ‘Soul City’ pleases the crowd with this sexy smooth rendition.  Meadows leaves the stage twice and returns with more, unable to hold himself back.  We thank him this evening for his musical contribution at The Suite Food Lounge to SAVE HUMANITY one song at a time, of course, until the next time he takes the stage. ^

Review by Sheila E. Ross
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