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About the Reviewer - Sheila E Ross

As a smooth jazz journalist, I sincerely support the smooth jazz genre, as I adore the sound and recognize the diligence and hard work artists and musicians place into their craft.

  sheila e ross

As an educator, I enjoy working with youth as an English teacher of eight years and see daily the strong embrace students have for music as well.

For this reason, I expose them further to the artistry.  Some students share sincere interests in musical careers so we dive deeper into the life and times of both current and late artists. Like literature, music is personal and shared from the human condition, so there is much to acquire.

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Jazz Reviews on JazzNet247 Radio Europe

Artist : Nils Jipner

Venue : Vitello's

Year : 2018

Label : Baja / TSR

nils jipner

Personnel : Nils Jipner : Guitar | Clydene Jackson : Keyboards | Eddie Brown : Percussion | Darryl Williams : Bass | Tony Moore : Drums | Andrew Lipman : Trombone | Mike Parlett : Saxophone | Johnny Britt : Trumpet

My arrival at Vitello’s, an attractive Italian restaurant first revealed a choice of delicious pasta and pizza cuisine for fine food lovers.  Secondly, that fine-dining experience escalated by an unforgettable stair-step climb to the second level of the venue for a first-rate show.  You see---at the top of these stairs, nestled just one floor above the first level greeted me with other smooth jazz lovers in a performance-stage dining room, so striking, so royal, and so beautiful; it has to be the gateway to heaven! This evening, the curtain-raiser performance came alive with west coast guitarist, Nils Jiptner, fondly known as simply, Nils!

Celebrating the release of his new “Play” CD on March 16th, Nils himself appears pumped and professionally ready for his sophisticated audience!  As the show begins, he delights the audience with the familiar ‘Georgy Porgy’ from his 2005 Pacific Coast Highway album. It is indeed the perfect song to begin the evening for listeners! He commands and positions himself at center stage the entire show.

He is ‘The West Coast King of Guitar Strings’! He has earned this title! Under his direction, his thoughtfully assembled band EXPLODES in SOUND and expands to the stage in numbers, one after the other with the 2012 top charter, ‘Let’s Bounce’ from his “City Groove” album.  Thereafter, Nils admits to the stage the multi-talented, Mr. Johnny Britt, who is featured on his new “Play” CD, Mr. Parlett on Saxophone and Mr. Andrew Lipman on Trombone, his explosive horn section. 

The beautiful Clydene Jackson, also featured on “Play” works keys and vocals this evening!  She is accompanied by both Mr. Eddie Brown on background vocals and percussions. He is the brother of Mr. Oliver Brown (of KC and the Sunshine Band also on percussions.  Working Bass guitar and drums was Mr. Darryl Williams and Mr. Tony Moore.  But for this night, it is indeed the horn section that produces an amazing Unified SOUND EXPLOSION in the room accompanied by Nils’s singing guitar! 

This musically talented and dynamic band, carefully chosen by Nils’s skillfully delivers the evening playlist from Nil’s vast library of music (13 songs in ALL!).  Of course we are treated to favorites from his new “Play” CD that include:   ‘Coast to Coast’, ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Sway’, and ‘Straight Down the Line’.  Other crowd pleasing selections include ‘Careless Whisper’, ‘Alley Cat’, ‘Summer Nights’, ‘Call of the Sirens’, ‘Sarah Smile’, ‘PCH/Jump Start’, ‘What the Funk’, ‘Little Wing’ and ‘Tracks of My Tears’. 

If you have never experienced a Nils Show--YOU MUST!  He is the West Coast King of Guitar Strings! Nils electrified and lit up the room with simply his presence before he even began to lay hands on his singing guitar!  If you missed this elaborate fantastic show, Nils and Friends will play again on June 16th at Spaghettini in Seal Beach, California!  Allow Nils and his Friends to take you California-Home! ^

Review by Sheila E. Ross
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