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Overview by Wes George
Welcome to my Personal Notes feature where I explain and discuss topics relating to the JAZZNET247 Project and the Genre. In this Overview I explain how I got to here.
wes george

The current project came about in 1994 and the name JazzNet247 stands for The Jazz Network, available all the time i.e. 24/7.

JazzNet247 Radio Europe was the Radio Station arm of my hugely popular EuroClubdeJazz Project which had 16 Radio Channels featuring many jazz sub-genres with STREETJAZZ being the marquee show, as the name suggests it featured many lesser known Indie Artists as well as the current household names from the Smooth and Fusion Jazz genres. We have always featured Vocals and Brazilian Jazz as well on this show as well as tracks from the past 5 decades.

At this time my Multimedia and Marketing company was approached by Sony Jazz in London and asked to develop the Sony Jazz UK website and online marketing elements such as E-Newsletters, Promotional Flash Cards, Digi-Cards, Enhanced CDs for the artists, and generically, these were products which I had been designing already for other business and music business clients. It was a huge break from tradition for them as all of the other Sony websites were created and hosted inhouse, but the Marketing VP Adam Sieff wanted someone who understood about jazz to undertake this specialist project.

The two projects knitted seamlessley together for 6 years at which time Sony was amalgamated with German company BMG and they dissolved the jazz catalogue, dropped the website and sold LPs from the greatest jazz catalogue known to modern day jazz in outlets like Woolworths. Soon after the EuroClubdeJazz Project got so large and time consuming that I stopped the main project website and concentrated on the Radio Station i.e. JazzNet247 Radio Europe.

Although based in Europe I had a global reach even in 1994 with so many colleagues, friends and artists associated to the EuroClubdeJazz project it became a jazz hub very soon in its own right.

The marquee show STREETJAZZ was the vanguard to help independent artists showcase their music, they had no record label behind them and had little or no capital, or in many cases no marketing or PR knowledge. Hopefully I introduced many of them to a new audience and helped them along their career path. One of the artists, namely Paula Atherton and I became great friends in the late 90's and it was a huge pleasure to see her progress to top all 3 Jazz Charts this year in 2021 concurrently. Very well deserved by Paula for all her hard work, determination, her huge talent, but most of all - 'belief in her own ability to succeed'.

Make no bones about it - Jazz today is a tough gig with only 3 to 4% market sales and the landscape has changed so much during the past 30 years of the internet that it has become much easier for artists to communicate with their target market, BUT much harder to make any sales. I will expand on that subject in later editions of Personal Notes, but as someone who was very close to the 'goings on' at a major label and 'operating a marketing and multimedia company' I think that the way the current methodology of 'final music production' to 'advertising' to 'sales', AND most importantly, 'making a profit' are far from ideal. ( Another Personal Notes feature ;>)

So fast forward to today and the Radio Station element has had a rough ride with the Covid Pandemic and now the Cost Of Living hike, and as I have no funding and bear all the running costs myself to help others i.e. $127,200.00 of Personal Cost to myself only to licence the radio shows for the past 28 years, and this does not account for the 30 hours per week to research, communicate, produce and market the shows.

Our music licencing is done via
LIVE365 in the USA,, something that is very important to me, it may not be a lot of money going back to the artists, e.g. in the UK circa £0.009 via Amazon per stream, ( Note :- it would take 970 streams to earn one hour of the UK Minumum Wage), BUT it is their livelihood, and in 28 years of promoting the artists on my projects I have never asked any of them for a cent for anything, the business is way to hard these days.

Jazz Fans have a number of ways to tune in to the latest StreetJazz shows including :-

JazzNet247 Radio Europe Listening Options -
* Tune In @ Using The LIVE365 Player
* Tune In @ Using The StreetJazz Player

Next Time on Personal Notes
- Behind The Scenes Part 01 - Here I give an insight into the preparation that was required to Research, Produce and Market our Radio Shows.

Wes George

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