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Personal Notes - My Kind Of Jazz - Part Two
Growing up in a jazz family in the 50's and 60's was a period of transition in jazz music and the late 50's yielded a change in direction for many artists and the conception of new jazz  
wes george
sub-genres and the artists and albums in the next in our series of My Kind Of Jazz were some of the key albums to transform what I myself and the jazz listening public were buying and one album in particular was the catalyst for this change - Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue (Columbia 1959) .

If you are already a jazz aficionado you will already be aware of the following details so this article is aimed at those of you who are 'new to Jazz' or 'catching up'.

As a marketer myself we have three distinct stages of a product or service's maturity, this can be translated perfectly into jazz music, (even today), i.e.

1) The Innovators - first up onto the scene with an idea, they make the most money IF indeed the project is a success, 8/9 out of 10 new ideas fail.
2) The ' Me Too ' Crew - they jump on the bandwagon after perceiving success by The Innovators, 'that's a good idea, I'll do it too as it seems like a winner'. The Cream has already been gleaned by the Innovators
3) The Laggards - no ideas of their own and jump on a train that has already left the station, The Innovators are already launching their latest project by this time.

In terms of marketing jazz music you can probably guess who The Innovators are and who The Me Too and The Laggards are, however 'perception is a personal trait' and one person's likes and dislikes are just that, personal and also regional.

Miles Dewey Davis III was born in 1926 and for the next five decades he adopted a variety of musical styles which were to set him apart from most other jazz musicans. He was always trying to re-invent his jazz style and became the benchmark for so many other great jazz musicians. Indeed his early days in jazz saw him play with musicians such as Coleman Hawkins, Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis, Herbie Fields, Earl Coleman and even replaced the maestro himself Dizzy Gillespie in Charlie Parker's Quintet in 1945.

In 1959 Miles assembled a sextet which included himself on trumpet, Bill Evans on piano, John Coltrane on tenor sax, Cannonball Adderley on alto sax, Paul Chambers on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums and between March and April of that year recorded what was to become the vanguard of Modal Jazz with an album called Kind Of Blue which during my time at Sony Jazz was our best selling jazz album. Miles forgot to tell his 'Go To' pianist Wynton Kelly that he was going to use Bill Evans on the album, but Kelly did make an appearance on the album on the wonderful 'Freddie Freeloader'.

Kind Of Blue was an instant success with widespread airplay and rave reviews, but an interesting note is that the cost of the album was relatively low, Columbia paid Davis a few thousand dollars in advance and the other musicians received only 'Union Rates' for nine hours of recording. The four reels of tapes and cost of the piano tuner were coupled with the enginer's salaries, but even they were on staff rates. So what was to become the best selling jazz album of all time cost very little to produce, the marketer's dream :>)

Two noteworthy aspects of Kind Of Blue were that Davis' bands did not play any of the tunes again apart from 'So What' and 'All Blues' and secondly, although Miles explored Modal Jazz with his second great Quintet which included Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams in the mid 1960's he did not take these Modal Experiments much further at that time.

It was one of the musicians on Kind Of Blue, John Coltrane who took over that mantle in the 1960's.

Next Time in Part Three of My Kind Of Jazz
- John Coltrane and 'Blue Train' from 1957  ^

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Personal Notes - About Our Radio Project &
New York Saxman 'Ray Blue's' German Concert Dates for March 2020

The JazzNet247 Radio Europe project was set up in 1994 and was formerly called The EuroClubdeJazz, in fact we had 16 jazz sub-genre radio channels on that project which were called JazzNet247.

In the late 1990's Sony Jazz approached me to undertake their new jazz website for them, although most of their web design and marketing was done inhouse the director Adam Sieff wanted a specialist to undertake this project and after seeing my personal website jazz project he asked me to design and host their site.

The JazzNet247 project was primarily set up to help the jazz genre and the musicians who carry on the legacy of the genre and in 26 years that hasn't changed. Our 4 radio channels (if I include our CHRISTMAS CHANNEL which plays all December long) showcase the latest releases from The Groove Jazz Chart and The Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts and the highest chart climbers.

Our marquee show STREETJAZZ plays Smooth, Vocal and Brazilian Bossa Jazz and a sprinkling of Mainstream, Contemporary, Soul, R'n'B and Latin whilst CONNOISSEUR JAZZ and DREAMS OF RIO feature Mainstream and Contemporary and Brazilian Bossa jazz respectively.

The project has no budget at all and is only financed by myself and costs to LIVE365 to pay the royalties and website costs are the main outlays.

Time and resources are down to me and each show takes between 20 and 30 hours to research, produce and market and I rely on 'Word-Of-Mouth' to help promote it. Our Guests on our Facebook pages and in the FaceBook Groups, we are a guest in some 350 of them, help with this goal BUT WE ALWAYS NEED MORE HELP ;>)

After 26 years I am pleased to say that I have a wonderful team of Servicing Agents supplying new music every day and the artists themselves submit music to the station almost daily and the hard part is choosing 'what to include' each week.

I also have a wonderful team of Associate Companies from whom I get professional jingles recorded, liners recorded and software written. Although I handle most of the multimedia inhouse and record the shows in our studios I am not a coder per se and I leave that to those trained to do so.

The radio station is one of the oldest internet online stations with listeners now in 101countries worldwide and expanding. View countries

We would welcome your support by passing on our details and links to any of your like-minded jazz friends and help us help jazz and keep the great legacy of the music alive and well. Wes George  ^

Ray Blue - Berlin Concert Dates - March 2020
Artist : Ray Blue
Album : Work
Year : 2019
Label : Jazzheads
Web :
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Review : CD Review
ray blue work

Ray is set to perform a series of concerts in Berlin, Germany in March 2020 and below are the dates, show times and venues :-

March 11th | 21-00 - Badenscher Hof Jazz Club
March 12th | 20-00 - Blues Garage
March 13th | 21-00 - Badenscher Hof Jazz Club
March 14th | 21-00 - Badenscher Hof Jazz Club
March 15th | 21-00 - Under The Mango Tree Gallery
March 16th | 21-00 - Twinpings
March 21st | 21-00 - Ratskeller Kopenick
March 27th | 21-00 - B Flat Jazz Club
March 28th | 21-00 - B Flat Jazz Club
March 29th | 10-00 - Die Friedrichkirche Service
March 29th | 15-00 - Boothaus, Am-Flughafen
March 30th | 19-00 - Sub West

For Full Line Ups, Addresses and Times please visit @ https://www.rayblue.com/shows ^

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