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Our Radio Shows - Behind The Scenes Part 2
Welcome to my Personal Notes feature where I explain and discuss topics relating to the JAZZNET247 Project and the Genre. This is the Second Part about our Radio Show's Production.
wes george

In this section I want to describe how our broadcasts are Prepared and Produced for a digital age where conventional broadcasting equipment is no longer required.

To broadcast our shows globally I use a Hosting Company LIVE365 who, not only Broadcasts Our Shows on a bespoke Player Window, but also Pay Our Royalties through our Licencing Agreement with them, obviously at a cost and they have various options to choose from  e.g. with their advertisements, no adverts, live streaming etc etc

We have used this company in their old incarnation and the new company since they reformed in 2016, and they offer 24 hour support via email. Other companies offer the Broadcasting option, BUT NOT THE LICENCING, we would not operate like that.

The whole process begins with the Preparation.

SHOW PICKING - Once I receive the LATEST TRACKS from all of our sources each week i.e. Record Companies, Servicing Agents and the Artists I LISTEN to a sample of every track and CATEGORIZE them for ones that will be featured. (see previous article)

Then I add the tracks to our Excel Playlist Matrix for that NEW SHOW and the 24 Show Tracks are split into 6 Sections each containing 4 Tracks. Tracks are added with two vocals and two instrumentals in each SECTION being mindful NOT to place two similar instruments back to back in case they sound like ONE LONG TRACK during the final broadcast.

EQUALIZATION - This is a very important aspect of the process as most tracks arrive with a DIFFERENT OUTPUT LEVEL and I have to CONVERT all of the files to WAVE FILES and then INSPECT and ADJUST each one manually to make sure that all of them will have the SAME OUTPUT LEVEL and also I TRIM the BEGINNINGS and ENDINGS of any extraneous silent gaps used for CD separation et al.

SHOW PRODUCTION - I use a TIMELINE to add the SHOW TRACKS, VOICE OVERS, GRAPEVINE, ADD ONS etc etc from the Excel Playlist Matrix and when completed the show is SAVED AS A WAVE FILE. I have a SOUND EDITOR externally to ADJUST VOLUMES so that VOICE OVERS may be heard above on TRACK INTROS and these end before a vocal starts or a main verse starts on an instrumental track.

The MAIN SHOW WAVE FILE is then SLICED into 24 Tracks and Converted to MP3 PRO files for OUTPUT.

WEB PAGE CODING - Then the Artists, Tracks, Albums and Years are added to our HTML5 Code for addition to our WEBSITE PLAYER PAGE where the PLAYLIST will also be added to the StreetJazz page.

Note :- All of our shows use most of the elements that I describe in this article, and you have a number of ways to tune in to the latest show including :-

JazzNet247 Radio Europe Listening Options -
* Tune In @ Using The LIVE365 Player
* Tune In @ Using The StreetJazz Player

Next Time on Part 3 of Personal Notes
- UPLOADING of the WEBPAGES to our SERVER, and also to the LIVE365 DASHBOARD where things take a little practice and getting used to.

Wes George

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