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Our Radio Shows - Behind The Scenes Part 3
Welcome to my Personal Notes feature where I explain and discuss topics relating to the JAZZNET247 Project and the Genre. This is the Third Part about our Radio Show's Production.
wes george

WEB PAGE CODING AND SHOW UPLOADS - On our Previous Personal Notes I explained about how I Prepared and Produced our Radio Shows, once this has been done I need to prepare the Website Coding and Load everything onto our Host Broadcaster LIVE365's website where they will be LOADED UP as MP3 PRO files, a PLAYLIST will be created where the new files will reside and then I need to add the META DATA TAGS to the files for broadcast and most importantly, for Royalty Payment IDs.

The next task is to code the webpage with the HTML5 CODING which is taken from the Excel Playlist Matrix which I created at the outset, once this has been written the files need to be uploaded whereby they will be called up by absolute paths to the webpage for broadcast  i.e. containing the Cover Art, the Song Title, Artist, Album and Year Of Release. Then the page needs to be tested in situe so a beta webpage is uploaded and the show is tested for accuracy and any mistakes are corrected.

Next up the files are loaded up to the LIVE365 Broadcaster Dashboard into the MEDIA SECTION. I willl have already created a new PLAYLIST and once the MP3 PRO files have been loaded up they are added in sequential order of show appearance to the PLAYLIST. The total time of the show is notated in my Excel Show Scheduler for later use.

Then the META DATA INFO is added to the files after which I am ready to SCHEDULE the show in the DASHBOARD.

I PICK and PLACE circa 13 SHOWS per DAY for 24 hours, some of them re-occur, but usually not on adjoining days or at similar hours of the day and the shows are PROGRAMMED on a Wednesday for 7 days when I will add new shows.

Keeping music fresh on a radio station is paramount. I don't use a Random Playlist and all of the shows are picked looking at their LAST PLAYED HISTORY of when they were last featured. Having hundreds of shows created over the years means things are usually fresh for the listeners and of course for our weekly new listeners.

The Excel Show Scheduler which I created has details of the SHOW NAME, SHOW NUMBER, SHOW DURATION, START TIME, TOTAL IN MINUTES, the CUMULATIVE MINUTES TOTAL (which automatically adds to the next line for a running total), once all the shows have been added the bottom total is next to the TOTAL MINUTES FOR ONE DAY i.e. 1440 Minutes and this is subtracted from the automatically calculated Cumulative Total to see if I must Decrease the Playtime for the Final Show to ensure I have only 1,440 Minutes Music Time per Day on that Playlist.

The LIVE365 Dashboard is so sensitive that ERRORS will be highlighted very quickly, ( i.e. computers don't make mistakes ;>), however having done my homework and using a structured approach means that everything is uploaded correctly and that each day has only the correct number of Minutes with no overlaping.

Each PICKED SHOW is ADDED IN THE DASHBOARD and are BUTTED together i.e. if a show ends at 02-00 the next one also starts at 02-00. TIME is always calculated in 24 hour Military Terminology and the shows are shown in my Dashboard in my TIME ZONE of GMT when in the UK and CET when in Austria.

I also schedule shows with other TIME ZONES in mind especially for our North American (minus 5 to 8 hours) and Japanese listeners (plus 7 hours) who contribute to 40% of our total listeners in our 115 countries. Our shows are created with a GLOBAL AUDIENCE IN MIND and we have more music featured and less VOICE OVERS as 85% of our listeners do not speak English as a first language. Experience has shown that Non- English speakers turn off very quickly to long foreign, and especially accented dialogue.

Once the shows are all uploaded on the LIVE365 DASHBOARD, other platforms like DEEZER, AMAZON, TUNE IN, ZENO, STREEMA et al have been set up to take a bespoke STREAM from the LIVE365 DASHBOARD.

Note :- All of our shows use most of the elements that I describe in this article, and you have a number of ways to tune in to the latest show including :-

JazzNet247 Radio Europe Listening Options -
* Tune In @ Using The LIVE365 Player
* Tune In @ Using The StreetJazz Player

Next Time on Part 4 of Personal Notes
- The MARKETING of the SHOWS using our EMAIL DATABASE, THE ARTISTS featured and on our BLOG PAGES.

Wes George

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