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Our Radio Shows - Behind The Scenes Part 4
Welcome to my Personal Notes feature where I explain and discuss topics relating to the JAZZNET247 Project and the Genre. This is the Fourth Part about our Radio Show's Production.
wes george

MARKETING OF THE SHOWS - On our Previous Personal Notes I explained about how I Prepared and Produced our Radio Shows and loaded them up ready for BROADCAST, this time I would like to explain how I MARKET the shows to our GLOBAL AUDIENCE.

WITH NO INCOME to the project everything has to be done as cheaply as possible, and being a retired marketer I know that that REFERRALS are the best type of advertising, so I contact the artists with new songs on the shows through SOCIAL MEDIA and advise them that we are promoting their project and ask them to SHARE THE LINKS and INFORMATION on their own sites.

The project is also a member of 300 plus JAZZ GROUPS on SOCIAL MEDIA and we drop them a note advising them of NEW SHOWS and OTHER NEW FEATURES on the WEBSITE which change frequently, but being mindful not to bombard the platforms with data. Usually this happens once a week and they are usually met with interest by TRUE JAZZ FANS. As most of the artists also post in these groups the JAZZNET247 PROJECT is usually referred to.

It should be noted in a world of DATA OVERLOAD and SHORT ATTENTION SPANS that LOYALTY BY LISTENERS is like GOLD DUST. We used to say in marketing that only 2% of DIRECT MAIL was ever opened and read because of THE EROSION FACTOR, I reckon that the number on the internet is more like 0.002%

I also EMAIL our dedicated EMAIL GROUPS that have expressed interest in the JAZZNET247 PROJECT and this usually happens once a month. You need to be very mindful using direct email that you have gained prior consent to send the recipient an email as it can be viewed as SPAMMING, something I would not want to do. Always include YOUR SIGNATURE on these emails with the LATEST UPDATES.

The JAZZNET247 PROJECT WEBSITE also has RESPONSE MECHANISM throughout the pages which encourages ARTISTS and LISTENERS to contact us with NEW MUSIC PROJECTS or we ANSWER ENQUIRIES from the LISTENERS about the ARTISTS and SONGS.

After 28 years of the project I have built up an ongoing and loyal listener base and I have hundreds of new listeners tuning in every month as they are DISCOVERING THE HUGE CATALOGUE OF MUSIC from the PAST 8 DECADES on THE STREETJAZZ VAULTS and they can HEAR THE CREAM OF THE NEW RELEASES on STREETJAZZ.

who takes the time to tune in to the RADIO SHOWS and view the WEBSITE, after so many years on the internet I know that there is a neverending choice available and I am delighted that they spend some time with this project helping today's JAZZ GENRE and the ARTISTS.

FInally THANK YOU to the many of you who have emailed me to say how much they enjoyed reading the PERSONAL NOTES FEATURES, there is no substitute for LIVING in this life and hopefully my EXPERIENCE might help others starting out in BROADCASTING or DISCOVERING JAZZ.

Note :- All of our shows use most of the elements that I describe in this article, and you have a number of ways to tune in to the latest show including :-

JazzNet247 Radio Europe Listening Options -
* Tune In @ Using The LIVE365 Player
* Tune In @ Using The StreetJazz Player

Next Time on Part 5 of Personal Notes
- HOW TO LISTEN TO OTHER SUB GENRES of JAZZ such as MAINSTREAM or CONTEMPORARY which is a misnomer to many.

Wes George

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