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How To Listen To Jazz - Part 1
Welcome to my Personal Notes feature where I explain and discuss topics relating to the JAZZNET247 Project and the Genre. This is the First Part about How To Listen To Jazz.
wes george

This may seem like a strange subject :- if you are blessed with a good natural hearing system you can listen to anything, it is 'choice' that will determine 'what' and if you 'continue'. Think about turning the dial on your radio or surfing on your computer or flipping music TV channels, you may have a 'go to' favourite station or channel, or you may have an 'open mind' or a 'sense of adventure'. Which category do YOU fall in to ?

Let's expand this thought :-

What will determine 'which programme' that you will listen to will undoubtedly be 'your particular interest'. The 'place where you listen' is also a huge consideration, are you at home, at work, on holiday or in a car ?

On what device will you listen ? i.e. on a TV, on a Radio, on your Phone, on an MP3 type player, on a Computer Speaker System ? Do you want to listen to the latest news, travel, chart songs or your particular favourite genre of music ?

What Quality Of Output do you prefer ? Will you listen on a good Sound Sound System, an average Speaker, a Car Stereo, a limited Mobile Phone, or you do have not have the choice i.e. a work radio playing over a public address system.

As a marketer I have found in more than 60 years of experience in 'all walks of life' that we have the '80 / 20' Rule, which I believe is more like the '90 / 10' Rule nowadays  i.e. as far as listening is concerned, 90% of people will listen to their favourite programme or a programme that just happens to be playing in their current environment.

However I have found that 90% of people simply 'Hear' something and 10% actually 'Listen', 90% of music buyers buy 'What They Heard' on TV or Radio or it is the the 'Latest Trend' and 'Peer Pressure' i.e. everyone else is buying this and I do not want to appear to be 'Square', so I'll buy it to.

Another element which was added into the mix in the 80's was Video, this changed the whole dynamic of Popular Music as for the next 40 odd years MANY PEOPLE bought music because they saw a good video associated with it.

So VIDEOS helped many songs become popular and the listener could also put a FACE to the SONG which also was a promotional tool.

WHY ? As humans we are influenced on anything by three distinctive elements and they have determining strengths which stimulate our FIVE SENSES of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling :-

Television - We See and Hear ( the best medium )
Radio - We Hear
Newspapers - We Read

As a Marketer who was involved in ADVERTISING the MEDIUM THAT I USED (or the client could afford) determined the success of the campaign of the product or service, the more FEELINGS THAT WE APPEAL TO the better the message gets across to the 'potential ' target or end user.

Most ADVERTISING companies will recommend to any company or individual that they use ALL THREE of these 'above the line' methods if they want to get their message across successfully. (Other factors such as sex, region, demographic, language et al also play a huge part)

However the JAZZ GENRE isn't so much involved in the above, mainly because the genre only enjoys circa 3 - 4% of TOTAL MUSIC SALES, the TARGET AUDIENCE are much more DISCERNING LISTENERS, and COST, 'Carte Blanche' advertising is hugely expensive, ANY sensible Jazz Marketing has to be 'targeted niche marketing'.

So LISTENING TO 'REAL JAZZ' is usually undertaken by THE LISTENERS (the 10%) who go out of their way to FIND MUSIC and FIND OUTLETS who play it, 10% of the 10% want to hear NEW ARTISTS and SONGS and they are PREPARED FOR AN ADVENTURE.

In marketing we call this the EROSION FACTOR, from a possible 100%, ONLY 1% fall in to the last category - THE ADVENTURERS.


Conversley the ARTISTS who are producing jazz music nowadays should be aware of this, most of whom are advertising on SOCIAL MEDIA because it is FREE, but in my opinion the EROSION FACTOR is even GREATER due to the numbers on platforms like FACEBOOK and the number of REAL ADVENTURERS who search out new artists and music, I reckon that percentage could be something like 0.000001%. i.e. If artists are spending ANY TIME trying to reach that percentage it may not be a very effective use of time. LIKES and COMMENTS may not result in a SALE of your newest track. However A REFERRAL BY SOMEONE KNOWLEGEABLE MIGHT ! - However that subject is for another Personal Notes feature.

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Next Time on Part 6 of Personal Notes
- I'll continue the serialization with some TIPS on HOW TO REALLY LISTEN TO JAZZ.

Wes George

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