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Like to submit your music to JazzNet247 Radio ?

JAZZNET247 RADIO EUROPE is an independent internet jazz radio station based in Central Europe (Austria), but in association with LIVE365 in the USA who settle our royalties of music played on the station.

We set up this project 26 years ago in 1994 and on June 17th 2020 we will pass a milestone of 900 STREETJAZZ Shows. Originally a monthly show it grew so much in popularity that it became weekly.

It is a perfect platform for jazz recording artists to have their music aired to a global and knowledgeable audience and anytime that an artist features on our shows they remain on rotation for a further 5 weeks on STREETJAZZ REPLAY and we notify them on FaceBook.

We are serviced daily by the major recording labels, servicing agents and the artists themselves, many of whom support their music and presence on our 5 JAZZ CHANNELS by recording LINERS / JINGLES / DROPS for our shows and many take advantage of our support feature of providing them with a FREE RADIO ADVERT for their new single or album.

We are not the biggest radio station, but looking at our statistics on the column opposite we are certainly one of the most listened to globally by jazz fans with listeners in more than 100 countries.

Our station is managed by someone who has worked in corporate marketing and PR by day and by night in the music business with major label SONY JAZZ ( Columbia, CBS, Legacy, Epic, CTI and Sony Jazz labels ) for 6 years and who has been in the entertainment's business in most aspects for more than 50 years and is an experienced jazz fan. Learn more >>

If you haven't submitted your music to our station we encourage you to do so, the details are below.

Over The Internet :-

Use a programme like 'WeTransfer', 'Hightail', 'Files Anywhere' or 'DropBox' which lets you transfer 2 GiG free with no registration. Upload it to one of them and send us the page details for downloading.

We recommend these large file transfer companies :-

Using DropBox

More and more artists are using DropBox to send us their files. If you create a DropBox account, set it up for the attention of our email address at info@jazznet247.net

Like to Record Liners to support your music ?

Please let us know if you / your artists would like to record some short liners to support your music on our shows, they are useful as they appear on weeks when your music may not. Learn more about recording liners.

Email our studio at info@jazznet247.net and we will send you the short texts and format that we require for our broadcasts.

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The No. 1 Jazz Station in our Country

A LIVE365 World Audio Day 2020 Station
The First LIVE365 FEATURED SPOTLIGHT Radio Station
With Listeners in more than 100 Countries Worldwide

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A Snapshot of our Listener Statistics - 21 | 07 | 20

Our host broadcaster LIVE365 provides us with REAL TIME and HISTORIC LISTENER STATISTICS by GEOGRAPHICAL MAP and LOCATION & COUNTRY. Below is a snapshot of Listeners tuning in to our station on July 21st 2020 @ 14-10.

Listeneing countries by map
LIVE365 Listener Stats
More Destinations  1  |  2  |  3   |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7
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