Supporting the Jazz Genre and The 4 Land's Region of Central Europe

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About Us - Learn more about the JazzNet247 project and our Producer and Host Wes George.
About STREETJAZZ - Learn more about our marquee radio show and how it progressed throughout our 27 years of broadcasting.
Auditorium - Listen to some of today's latest Smooth, Vocal, Brazilian, Inspirational, Latin and Contemporary Jazz releases.
Blog Page - Drop by our FaceBook Blog Page anytime to learn up-to-date information about the Project or to Contact Us.
Bossa Nova Story - Learn more about how this fascinating jazz sub-genre was born and swept across the world.
CD Quality - Click the 'CD Quality' link to the left and connect your computer to a Stereo System or Quality Speaker to hear your favourite Jazz Music in stunning Hi-Fi Quality.
Contact Us - Learn ways to Contact Us via the different Platforms.
Pannonica de Koenigswarter - The Jazz Baroness helped so many jazz musicians with her patronage and whose legacy deserves a special place in the hearts of jazz lovers.
52nd Street, Manhattan - Learn more about the most famous jazz street in the history of jazz, also known as the 'Swing Street' of the city between the 1930's and 1950's.
Featured Artist / Artists - Learn more about Our Featured Artists on JAZZNET247.
Four Land's Region - Learn more about Our 4 Land's Region in Central Europe with Featured Areas in the country areas of Western Austria, Southern Germany, Eastern Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
Get Involved - If you would like to Get Involved with Our Project please Contact Us.
Groove Jazz Charts - View the Groove Jazz Charts with the Chartbound, Most Increased Plays and Most Added Tracks.
John Hammond - A man worthy of his own section as his relentless work for jazz musicians and for equality was outstanding.
History Of Jazz - Read Our Take on The History Of Jazz in our online serialization with Biography Links.
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Listening Options on JazzNet247 Radio :-
* Tune In @ Using The LIVE365 Player
* Tune In @ Using LIVE365 Player in Auditorium
* Tune In @ Using The Auditorium Player
Media & Press Centre - Learn more about our Project, What People Are Saying and Information about Forthcoming Features.
Music Reviews - Read Reviews on some of the truly classic Mainstream Albums.
Music Recommendations - View Albums and Artists which we can recommend to you as premier songs to add to your own music collection.
Personal Notes - Read our thoughts on current topics which artists and jazz fans may find insightful and interesting.
Platforms Playing JazzNet247 Radio
LIVE365 hosts our Radio Shows legally, but they provide links to other global platforms such as Amazon, Deezer, Tune-In, Streema, Zeno, HearThis, Our Own Website and many others.
Playing JazzNet247 on Amazon Alexa via LIVE365
Learn how to connect and play our music shows on your Amazon Alexa device. Learn How
Showcase Artist - Learn more about our current Showcase Artist and Listen to Sound Clips from them.
Super Gallery Images - To view stunning images of our 4 Land's Region in Central Europe press F5 on our Home Page on your PC or Mac.
Submit Your Music - If you are a Recording Artist and you think that your music might fit in to our Jazz Sub Genres, SEND US your latest project for consideration for airplay.
Tin Pan Alley - The home of one of the greatest sources of songs and songwriters performed by some of the icons of the music industry during its heyday.
View Our Gallery Images - View photographs of our stunning 4 Land's Region of Western Austria, Southern Germany, Eastern Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
While The City Sleeps - A NEW Show COMING SOON to JazzNet247 Radio playing the softer side of Jazz from Midnight to - 08-00 CET (Central European Time).
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