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Lindau Island
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Overview of the 4 Land's Region
4 Land's Map
Also see :- Open Larger 4 Land's Map

The 4 Land's Region in Central Europe comprises of Western Austria, Southern Germany, Eastern Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein which lies on the River Rhine in the Rheintal (Rhine Valley).

Although I am a native of the UK and still have a bolthole there my 4 Land's wife and I enjoy the lakes and mountains here and we can have lunch within a 20 minute drive of our base in any of the 4 countries that we feature here.

It should be noted that we have no affiliation or contact with any of the local Tourist Boards and receive no renumeration for our presentation to you, our love of the area is the driving force of introducing it to you.

In this section I'd like to share the beautiful areas with you through articles and photographs and hopefully one day you may feel inspired to visit the area yourself and explore the breathtaking lakes and mountains, experience local traditions, the sumptuous cuisine and friendly hospitality.

Austria, Germany and Switzerland surround Lake Constance, or better known to us locally as the Bodensee where locals enjoy sailing, fishing, hiking, surfing and quaint steamers ferry passengers across the 63 by 14 kilometer stretch of fresh water. If the lake was to rise by one centimeter it would mean an increase of 5.6 million cubic meters of water, such is the area it covers.

The lake has the River Rhine flowing into it from Switzerland and Liechtenstein at Bregenz and also from Schaffhausen in Northern Switzerland.

Other larger communities around the lake (working our way anti-clockwise from Bregenz) include Lindau Island in Germany, Friedrichshafen (it has one of the local airports into the area), Uberlingen in Germany, Konstanz in Germany, Schaffhausen in Switzerland, Romanshorn in Switzerland, and Rorschach in Switzerland.

As I feature some of the areas I will provide a Gallery Link for you to view photographs of the areas with snaps that I have taken during our visits.

Also see :- An Overview Gallery of the Area

Access to the area by air includes Zurich Airport in Switzerland, Innsbruck in Austria and Memmingen and Friedrichshafen in Germany.

By road you may travel from Ulm in Germany down to Hoerbranz and enter Austria via the 6.6 kilometer Pfaender Tunnel ( but be mindful to purchase a Vignette to travel on the main roads in Austria BEFORE you go through the tunnel in Germany. These cost circa 25 Euros for 14 days.

In Switzerland you will need to purchase a Swiss Vignette to drive on their main roads and they cost circa 60 Swiss Francs (10/21), these are required for local Swiss nationals and visitors alike.

There are many tunnels in the 4 Land's Region and some them also require a payment to travel through them to contribute to the huge build and maintenance costs. (Similar to Toll Roads in France)

If you rent a car check if a Vignette is part of the deal with the rental company.

Trains travel from most major destinations to all of the 4 Land's major conurbations and the world reknown Glacier Express journeys from St. Moritz via Chur in Graubunden to Zermatt in Switzerland, this is circa an 8 hour trip of a lifetime enjoyed by thousands each year.

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- Bregenz - The capital of the province of Vorarlberg in Austria and lies on the southeastern shores of Lake Constance, the third-largest freshwater lake in Central Europe between Switzerland in the west and Germany in the northwest.

If you require any further information on the 4 Land's Region please contact me.

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