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Our 4 Land's Region - Bregenz
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Bregenz, the capital of Vorarlberg, is the most western province in Austria. The town lies on the eastern shores of Lake Constance, known locally as the Bodensee, and is the third largest freshwater lake in Central Europe. It is located between Switzerland to the west and Germany to the northwest.

Bregenz has a population of circa 27,850 and is located at the foot of the Pfänder mountain. Visitors may take a cablecar up to the top of the mountain and enjoy spectacular views across the lake whilst having lunch in the adjacent café.

There are numerous cruise ship services on Lake Constance and the towering Sonnenkoenigen party ship ferries revealers around the lake whilst celebrating an event or someone's birthday.

It is renowned for the Annual Summer Music Festival, the Bregenzer Festspiele which is held in a 6,000 seater outside stadium facing the lake and the stage which is actually built 'on the lake'. The featured opera only plays for 4 weeks from the end of July to the end of August, but does re-occur for two years. Music fans travel from all over the region to attend this spectacle which starts as the sun sets over the lake and the warm summer nights lend themselves to a tasty meal in the surrounding al-fresco restaurants or a leisurely stroll around the large park area adjacent to the main town and the harbour area.

Bregenz also featured in a James Bond movie Quantum Of Solace in 2008 and a scene was shot around this area during the time of the opera Tosca. Its stars Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko enjoyed evening meals in the local restaurants to the amazement of the locals.

Bregenz is steeped in history with the first settlements dating from 1500 BC, around 50 AD, it was the seat of the Roman Admiralty for Lake Constance. In 259 / 260 Brigantium was destroyed by the Alemanni, a Germanic denomination who settled in the area around 450.

Since 1726 Bregenz has been the main seat of Austrian administration in VorarlbergRieden-Vorkloster and Fluh were incorporated into Bregenz in 1919 and 1946 respectively. The town was bombed by the Allies in 1945 and 72 houses were unfortunately destroyed.

The economy is mainly dominated by small businesses in the services, trade and industry sectors, these include the textile industry, fittings manufacturers, glass processing and machine construction.

Its location in the 4 Land's Region lends itself to tourism and it is the beginning of a wonderfully scenic route up to Warth and Lech from Bregenz on the Bregenzerwald 200 road through Alberschwende, Andelsbuch, Bezau, Mellau, Au, Schoppernau, Schrocken up to Warth and down to Lech, which is a famous celebrity winter destination where the Bridget Jones 2 movie starring Renée Zellweger was shot in part.

Visitors can base themselves in Bregenz and explore the adjacent countries of Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein which are all within a 20 - 30 minute drive from the town.

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