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Our 4 Land's Region - Oberstdorf
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Oberstdorf - is a town in Germany's Allgäu Alps in the Bundesland (region) of Bavaria known for skiing and hiking. The Nebelhorn cable car climbs the slopes of Nebelhorn mountain and in summer, Fellhorn mountain's cable cars have views of Alpenroses.

Oberstdorf consists of the village of Oberstdorf itself (813 metres above sea level) and other hamlets around the periphery, There are a large number of valleys in the surrounding area, many of which are not only scenic, but are often the starting points for walks and hikes in the mountains.

In wintertime Skilanglauf (Cross Country skiing) trails and Winterwanderwegs (footpaths) traverse the valleys with trails leading past waterfalls in the Breitach gorge.

Oberstdorf is very famous for its part in the annual Vier Schanzen Ski Jump Tournee held in the Erdinger Arena at the end of December until the 6th of January each year, other venues include Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck and Bischofshofen, the last two are situated in nearby Austria. The German National Ski Team also train in Oberstdorf.

The Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf hosts many international Ice Skating Tournaments, Galas and Shows and the surrounding area is used in wintertime by the FIS (Federation International Ski) to host BIathlon and Cross Country skiing events including the Tour De Ski.

Mountain bikers start their Transalp Tour tournament in Oberstdorf on the Schrofen Pass to Riva del Garda in Italy.

The Allgäu Alps in the area around Oberstdorf reach heights of over 2,600 metres and belong to the Northern Limestone Alps. Some of the best known summits are :- Fellhorn, Kratzer, Nebelhorn, Rubihorn Maedelegabel and the Grosser Krottenkopf which is the highest mountain in the region.

Visitors to the area will be attracted to the history and some of the main sights include the St. Anna-Kapelle chapel in Rohrmoos, there are 17 and 18th century farmhouses still in excellent condition, the
spectacular views at the Breitachklamm gorge near Tiefenbach which was created by the river Breitach and the aforementioned Schattenbergschanze which is the vast ski jumping hIll in the Erdinger Area.

Oberstdorf is also a spa town with its sulphur springs dating back to 1518 and hosts weekly farmer markets selling local produce.

It has been a long time destination for local Germans and international tourists to visit and the lakes and mountains of the Allgäu Alps lend themselves to a relaxing atmosphere where the visitor can unwind and relax.

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