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Showcase Artist -Threestyle, Munich, Germany

Threestyle specialise in writing their own compositions in various styles including Smooth Jazz, Latino, Soul, Funk and R&B. They have released 7 solo albums to date.

The band was founded by German guitarist Robert Fertl and Czech Republic’s Magdalena Chovancova who plays saxophone and flute for the ensemble.

They are currently based in the Munich area of Germany and regularly feature many other well known artists from the jazz spectrum including Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets and Jeff Lorber), Katja Rieckermann from the Rod Stewart Band, James Manning (from Chaka Khan's Band), Nils Jipner (who is also originally from Munich, Germany), Paul Brown (two time Grammy Award Winner) and many of the top European artists.

The band represent today's Smooth Jazz genre with original compositions with a sophisticated modern spin and their own blend of smooth, nu, funk, soul and chill jazz.

During normal global times the band tour the world on a regular basis with concert stop-offs in the USA, South Africa, the Caribbean and extensively throughout Europe.

Magdalena was born in Ostrava in the Czech Republic and began to play the piano at the age of 6. She continued her musical studies by learning to play the saxophone and flute. In her teens she won several national music competitions and began recording and touring together with other musicians and bands.

Following Magdalena's studies in Prague she moved to Germany where she founded the Threestyle band together with Robert Fertl (guitar, bass, trumpet) and with her twin sister Gabriela (drums, vibraphone).

Since then they have been touring the world on a regular basis.

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Showcase Artist -Threestyle, Munich, Germany

Robert Fertl was born in Bavaria in Germany and began playing the guitar at the age of 6 and complimented it by learning to play the trumpet. Whilst studying in Munich he made rapid progress by winning a National Guitar Competition with his own compositions as well as a First Place in a National Jazz Competition in Berlin.

He recorded his first vinyl LP at the age of 18 with his longtime teacher and mentor Richard Klimeck. Following on from his studies in Germany he moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to study the jazz guitar at the Musicians Institute located in Hollywood Los Angeles. During that time he played with several of the L.A. bands and musicians.

In a glittering career so far Threestyle have had NUMBER 1 HITS on the US Billboard Charts, the US Top 20, the US Groove Jazz Charts, the Charts and were the winners of the Hollywood Music In Media Award together with an Akademia Music Award. An already impressive array of recognition which we are sure will not be their last.

Learn more about Threestyle at their website (linked below) and look out for the band appearing live in your area as soon as the world returns to some sort of normality.

Listen to Sound Samples from Threestyle.

* Nice To Be There (2012)
* Desert Moon (2014)
* Keep It Simple (2021)

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